The mission of the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Institute (AIMI) is to provide a competency-based education in Acupuncture using the theories and tenants of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to Nurse Practitioners and other allopathic clinicians.

Using an interactive and collaborative approach to training, students who complete our course will be able to use TCM theory and diagnostics to select acupuncture points, apply therapy safely using Clean Needle Technique (CNT) and develop treatment plans using an Integrative approach to care that compliments western medicine by using the tenants of TCM to promote wellness.

Our hope is that students who complete the program will better understand the diagnostic criteria used by traditionally trained East Asian Medicine Practitioners (EAMP) / Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc) and as a result, increase their willingness and ability to communicate with EAMP’s to facilitate a truly integrative approach to care while encouraging inclusion and true integration within the hospital and community setting.

AIM Institute is also committed to providing the highest standard of education and to award continuing education credits after successful completion of the program and insure compliance with the highest education training standards.