Acupuncture Training


Why take this course?

The Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine Institute (AIMI) is unique in many ways. Most of the acupuncture programs offered to western clinicians focus on the use of acupuncture as strictly a treatment option. Promoting the use of point formulas for specific disorders. AIMI, recognizes the importance and value of using Traditional Chinese Medicine not only based on its effectiveness at relieving pain or treating diseases but most importantly its ability to move and awaken the patients sense of awareness and how to use that response as a window to health.

Unlike the medically oriented programs that interpret TCM based on the paradigm of a physical body, or traditional programs that are unfamiliar with medicine, AIMI teaches TCM theory in its true narrative based on the concepts and theories of Qi and how to use those theories to not only expand the clinical approaches to treatment but also to assess the patients progress and subsequent level of healing.

Because AIMI focuses on training Nurse Practitioners and other types of clinicians, our inclusion of TCM does not exclude the review or use of western theories but rather incorporate those theories with TCM to demonstrate how the two can be used in an integrative practice.

Finally, AIMI recognizes and respects that the true value of TCM is not to treat diseases but to enhance the ability of the patient to heal. And in order to accomplish this, one must be knowledgeable and aware of TCM theory and how to apply it. Therefore, we devote an extensive amount of time in live practicums, using experienced Licensed Acupuncturists, to help students become not only efficient in theory but in practice as well.