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The Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine (AIM) Institute in partnership with Acute Care Education (ACE) offers an Acupuncture Certificate Program for Nurse Practitioners. However, it is our goal to expand and explore many of the other traditional world medicines that explores the human experience through the lens of nature, long forgotten traditions and the human connection to nature. Our primary study abroad program will continue to focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and will be offered annually at the end of each of the certificate programs in the spring. But future programs will include many unique traditional medicines that may or may not be as widespread. We encourage anyone with an interest in traditional healing to join us as we coordinate annual excursions to places around the globe that can enhance not only your knowledge of medical traditions but expand your own healing experience.

Even though education is our focus, safety will be a top priority. Prior to traveling, extensive preparation and pre-travel education will be provided so that experienced and in-experienced travelers will be comfortable with traveling abroad. The course schedule will offer ample time for activities to enjoy the culture and beauty of locations visited and ensure participants get to experience the food and traditions of the country. The curriculum will include lectures on specific clinical disorders given by experts in the field, visits to traditional clinics to observe patient care and treatments and discussions of cultural challenges in health care.

The length of each course can vary however, the length will consider those who are working and the academic schedule with a target of between seven (7)- ten (10) days. Air, transport, and accommodations will be coordinated by AIM Institute. Preparatory seminars and online coursework will be held prior to travel.

Potential Future Courses of Study and Enrollment Dates:

Shanghai China: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Melbourne, Australia: Aboriginal Medicine

  • Seoul, Korea: Korean Acupuncture
  • Hong Kong, China: Integrative Medicine
  • Athens, Greece: Asklepion (Asclepius) Medicine 
  • Dublin, Ireland: Celtic Medicine
  • New Delhi, India: Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii: Hawaiian Medicine
  • Native American Medicine

CE and credits:

Our programs are accredited by Acute Care Education (ACE) and are approved for continuing education hours. CE’s are available for (all medical professionals, including nurse practitioners, nurses….) Hours are contingent upon the length of the course, successful completion of the study abroad course, and completion of post-trip evaluation.


Traditional Chinese Medicine: Shanghai, China

Transportation costs (to and from the airport and hospital) and museum admission fees will be provided.

Estimated Tuition Cost: $1,300.00-$1,500.00

Additional Cost:

Travel Insurance (TBA)
Airfare and Accommodations (TBA)
Visa (TBA)

Note: The Traditional Chinese Medicine course is primarily designed for students who have completed the Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine: Acupuncture Certificate Program and thus include several days of clinical observation and didactic training. However, those with some knowledge or interest are welcome to participate as well.

Open House Information Briefing:


Acacia Acupuncture
1800 Cooper Point Road, Building 15, Olympia WA

Full Tuition Deadline – December
Full Travel Cost Deadline - January

60 Day Information Briefing –February

30 Day Information Briefing - March

1 Week Check-In – April
Departure – April
Return – May

Specific Dates TBA

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Shanghai, China Itinerary April

Suggested completion of the AIM Inst. Acupuncture Certificate Program

Package Includes:

Entrance fees to guided tours and museums

Package Excludes:

Meals (lunch & dinner)
Travel Insurance
International flights and visa
Personal expenses and gratuities

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Shanghai, China Itinerary

Dates: TBA

 Suggested completion of the AIM Inst. Acupuncture Certificate Program

Package Includes


Entrance fees to guided tours and museums

Package Excludes

Meals (lunch & dinner)

Travel Insurance

International flights and visa

Personal expenses and gratuities


Friday: Seattle Departure, Saturday: Arrival in Shanghai, China

With consideration to the time change in eastern flights upon arrival in Shanghai, you will be met by Dr. Henry Li (scholar of TCM from Shanghai University) with transportation to your hotel and provided a brief safety and welcome briefing. After that, time will be allowed for resting until dinner where you will be introduced to the wonderful cuisine of China.

Sunday: City and Museum Tour

This day will be spent exploring the city from the mystical and ancient tea gardens, while exploring the history of the Bund with world-class shopping, and the Shanghai Chinese History Museum (fees and lunch at the world-famous Shanghai dumpling house included)

Monday-Wednesday:  Hospital Observation and Lecture

During the next several days, the mornings will be spent observing Traditional Chinese Medicine Practices in several clinical settings and following lunch, didactic lectures covering a wide range of TCM theory and practical applications of TCM will be provided by experienced clinicians in the hotel or hospital classroom.

Wednesday-Thursday: Travel to the ancient city of Yongkang

Yongkang is the home of Dr. Li’s ancestral family clinic and provides an opportunity to experience the foundation of TCM and the practice of medicine with overnight accommodations in a traditional Chinese inn. Adding an additional day of clinical observation and visit to a TCM clinic.

Friday: Travel back to Shanghai.

While traveling back to Shanghai we will visit the Venice of China in the city of Wuzhen, during the National holiday to experience the festive atmosphere of waterways and celebration.

Saturday-Sunday: morning seminars and personal time

For the final two days in China, you will be given the opportunity to explore and experience the many other attractions of Shanghai. Providing time to visit tailoring shops, explore more of the cuisine and take time for tea.

Monday: Departure back to Seattle.

Important notes

Airfare is non-refundable after purchase of the tickets unless you purchase individual travel insurance which refunds the price of the ticket.

Tuition refunds are available up until 30 days prior to the start date. After that time a 50% charge will be applied.

  Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Study Abroad

When will the study abroad program start?

The Study Abroad Program will be offered twice a year, once in the spring for graduates of the Acupuncture Certification Course and again during the spring, summer or fall, depending on the medicine, and location selected.

Will only graduates of the certification program be eligible to go to China for the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) program?

No. The study abroad program is open to anyone interested in learning about world medicines. However, the course is designed with a focus on TCM, so persons with a clinical background or interest (e.g. nurses, acupuncturist, clinicians) would benefit the most. Clinical CE credit is also available.

Will CE credit be authorized?

Yes. Every study abroad program will be eligible for CE credit. However, the amount of credit will vary from program to program. Currently only Nursing CE credit is available.

Will families be allowed to come?

Do to the nature of the group, we cannot accommodate anyone below the age of 20.

What if I have never traveled overseas before?

The safety of all students will be a priority throughout the program. We will meet three time prior to the trip and have several check points during the excursion to insure participants are comfortable with their travel and safe. We will also have staff members traveling with each group as resources to help answer questions and concerns during the trip as well as points of contact in the US for family members. However, exploration and enjoying the opportunity to travel abroad is an experience that we encourage everyone to experience. Not only does it build on the bonds developed during the course, but it expands the connection we have with the world around us.

Are payments refundable in the event of a trip cancellation?

Full tuition must be paid 6 months prior to departure and travel cost 3 months prior to departure. In the event that you must cancel your trip within the 3 months prior to departure, your tuition fee will be refunded minus $500.00 nonrefundable registration fee. Travel (airfare, hotel) refunds cannot be refunded directly once made, however, we will work with the travel agent and hotel as well as encourage everyone to pay for traveler’s insurance help recoup as much of the fare as possible.

In the unlikely event that AIM Inst must cancel a trip, all payments minus the processing fees will be refunded or credited toward a future trip/etc. Note that each program will require a minimum number of enrollees, therefore, cancellations due to non-enrollment will be determined 6 months prior to the departure date when full tuition is due.