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  Travel Syllabus

Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine Institute
Travel Abroad Program
Course Syllabus

Spring - Summer 2020


COURSE TITLE: AIM Travel Abroad Program


Classes: 10-14 Days including travel

Location: TBA

PREREQUISITES: Graduates of the AIMI Acupuncture Certification

Program and Clinical Preceptors

FACULTY: Director: Fujio McPherson, DAOM, ARNP, LAc. Dipl Ac.

Cell: 360-349-7882 Personal E-mail:

OFFICE HOURS: By appointment


A 40-hour training course for primary care clinicians who want to incorporate and advance their skills and knowledge of Traditional Healing Practices into an Integrative Approach to Care. The course will consist of class instruction as well as clinical observations of healing traditions from around the world. Initially, the focus will be on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) however, AIMI hopes to expand the program to other healing practices in the future.


1. Review and demonstrate knowledge of TCM theory.

2. Explore cultural diversity and experience the practice of healing traditions in the land of their origin.

3. Participate in the rituals and practices of TCM and other healing traditions while learning from experts in the field.

4. Review the evidence-based research regarding the efficacy of techniques experienced and learned through the experience.



Recommended Text:



Traveling abroad is exciting but also different then travel in the U.S. Therefore, accountability and safe travel practices will be emphasized before and during the trip. And all efforts will be made to insure a direct line of communication between students and their families in the U.S. can be maintained.


Reasonable accommodations will be made for students who have a documented disability or hardships. Please notify the director and/or instructor before the start of the program if you have any accommodation or transportation needs or requirements. Late notification may cause the requested accommodations to be unavailable.


The itinirary for the study abroad program will be divided into basically three (3) scenarios: 1) class room instruction 2) clinical observation 3) touring academic and other attractions to enhance the learning experience. Bilingual escorts will be used when-ever possible however, participants will also be given instructions in basic language skills prior to our departure.


1. Participation in pre-trip classes: 2 and 1 month, and again 2 weeks prior to departure.

2. Complete pre-trip inventory to insure all safety precautions have been addressed.

3. Participation in all course activities. Ample time will be allowed for personal exploration, rest and sight-seeing.


At the end of program all students will be required to complete an after-trip summary and evaluation.

   Trip Itinerary

Day City Activity 

1. (Friday)Depart Seattle Arrive (Sat):

2.  Orientation/rest (Sun)

3.  am lecture/pm activity (Mon)

4.  am lecture/pm activity (Tue)

6.  am lecture/pm activity (Thu)

7.  Personal time/activity (Fri)

8.  Departure
this assumes a Friday departure, Saturday arrival
Orientation lectures in the morning, meeting with university staff, review of course schedule.

Morning lectures, afternoon clinic/hospital tours, cultural/historical site visits

Minimum participants (Five)
Adult partners are invited however they will be required to pay tuition fees, no children will be authorized.

Schedule and Fees (TBA) 

Example fee schedule:

China Visa fee:           $140.00
Travel Insurance:      $50.00
Airfare:                      $1,200.00 – 1,500.00
Lodging:                      $ 70-120.00/night
Tuition                         $700.00
Transportation fee    TBA
Phone SIM card         TBA

Estimate Total:         $2000.00 - $3000.00

Prices may vary at time of confirmation.

  Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Study Abroad

When will the study abroad program start?

The Study Abroad Program will be offered during the spring, summer or fall after the completion of each course, depending on the location selected and be open to present or past graduates.

Will families be allowed to come?

The program is designed for additional educational courses and would not benefit anyone that has not completed the program. However, depending on the number of students and location of training additional participants may be considered with an adjusted tuition.

What if I have never traveled overseas before?

The safety of all students will be a priority throughout the program. However, exploration and enjoying the opportunity to travel abroad is an experience that we encourage everyone to experience. Not only does it build on the bonds developed during the course, but it expands the connection we have with the world around us.

About Study Abroad Program

The Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine (AIM) Institute in partnership with Acute Care Education (ACE) not only offers continuing education in acupuncture training but also looks to expand and explore traditional medicines from around the world. Although, our primary study abroad program will focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine, future programs will include many unique traditional medicines that may or may not be as wide spread. We encourage any practitioner or person with an interest to join us as we coordinate annual excursions to places around the globe that can enhance not only your knowledge of medical traditions but expand your exposure to other cultures and places that may not be exactly like the U.S. but come from proud and ancient traditions as well.

Our first study abroad program take place in 2019, and focuses on TCM in the city of Shanghai, China. However, future programs will focus on Korea Medicine, Aboriginal Medicine in Australia, Thai body work, Indian Ayurvedic traditions and others as we find and explore them.

Even though education is our focus, safety will be a top priority. Prior to traveling, extensive preparation and pre-travel education will be provided so that experienced and in-experienced travelers will be comfortable with traveling abroad. The course schedule will offer plenty of time for activities to enjoy the culture and beauty of locations visited and ensure participants get to experience the traditions of the country. The curriculum will include lectures on specific clinical disorders given by experts in the field, visits to traditional clinics to observe patient care and treatments and discussions of cultural challenges in health care.

Each course will be five-seven (7) days. Classes will be offered in the morning, with various clinic visits and cultural activities scheduled for the afternoon. Air, transport and accommodations will be coordinated by AIM Institute. Preparatory seminars and online course work will be held prior to travel.

Course Objectives:

1. Review philosophy
2. Explore how the history and culture has influenced the development of the medicine.
3. Explore different theories and approaches to Medicine
4. Observe the practice of medicine in a clinical setting
5. Compare selected aspects of the US health care system and other health care systems


Course Requirements:

For the Shanghai course it is recommended that participants complete the Acupuncture Certificate Program or licensed as an EAMP. Participants are required to attend and

participate in pre-trip seminars held prior to the scheduled departure dates, and complete all assigned requirements. Class will meet once a month for two months and two weeks prior to departure to insure preparations are complete. There will also be a post trip class to debrief after returning. Study abroad requirements are detailed below in the course itinerary.

Submission of travel/tuition fee – 90 days prior to departure date.

60 days prior to departure:

Submission of passport request: (note: China Visa is only approved after payment of visa fees and passports are submitted to the Chinese Embassy 8 weeks prior to departure date which allows for time for the passports to be returned prior to flying).

60 Days prior to departure: Cultural briefing:

Review of itinerary
Safety briefing
Currency review
Emergency information and drug preparations

30 days prior to departure:
Progress report and curriculum review

2 weeks prior to departure:
Telephone/email confirmation and travel review.

1 week prior to departure:
Telephone/email travel review.