AIM Inst Resource List and book recommendations.


  • Maciocia, G, 2015, the Foundations of Chinese Medicine, Third Edition, Elsevier, New York
  • Maciocia, G, 2021 The Practice of Chinese Medicine: The Treatment of Diseases with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, 3rd Ed. Churchill Livingstone, NY, NY
  • Deadman, P. Al-Khafaji, M, Baker, K. 2001, A Manual of Acupuncture, Journal of Chinese Medicine Publication, East Sussex, England.
  • The Manual of Acupuncture  available as an App at
  • Calhoun, DC. (2019) Acupuncture Techniques 101: Safety, CNT, and Needling Techniques, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Cats TCM Notes Press
  • Calhoun, DC (2019), Acupuncture Techniques 102: Moxibustion, Three-edged Needle, Cutaneous Needle Therapy, Gua Sha, Cupping and Electroacupuncture, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Cats TCM Notes Press
  • Oleson T (2013) Auriculotherapy Manual: Chinese and Western System for Ear Acupuncture, 4th ed. NY, Churchills Livingston.
  • Aspell, R. (2019). The Practice of Tui Na. London, UK, Singing Dragon-Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • Hao, JJ, Hao, LL. Wolfe, HL (2011) Chinese Scalp Acupuncture, Portland, OR. Blue Poppy Press
  • Cashman, D. P. 2023, An Introduction to Tai Chi available on Amazon
  • DVD series by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming Video: Qi Gong
    1. Understanding Qigong: What is Qigong and the human Qi circulatory system and Video.
    2. Understanding Qigong key points and breathing.
  • DVD series: by Dr. Paul Lam: Tai Chi and Meditation
    1. Tai Chi for Beginners Begin your journey to better health with Six Easy Steps (2 hours)
    2. Tai Chi for Life: Gentle Exercises for Seniors and Beginners (2 hours)
    3. Cashman, D. P. 2023, An Introduction to Tai Chi, Dimensions, ISBN-13 979-8989337705

NOTE: there are several options to review the basic principles and practice of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. The above DVD series are recommendations however, the best way to learn about these 2 primary principal therapies in TCM is by personal instruction and practice.

Recommended Reference text (concise summary of class lectures)

  • Kim, H.B. (2015). Handbook of Oriental Medicine 5th Ed. Acupuncture Media
  • Kim H.B (2015). Minibook of Oriental Medicine 3rd Ed. Acupuncture Media
  •  Maciocia, G. (2018), Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide, 2nd Ed. New York, N.Y. Elsevier
  •  Mitchell, D, Hill, S, 2016, The Yellow Monkey Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine, Stinging Dragon, London, England

Recommended for more in-depth study

Theory and Diagnostics

  • Kaptchuk, T.J. (2000). The Web That Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine, Chicago, IL. Congdon & Weed.
  • Hseuh, C.C. O’Connor, J. (1981). Acupuncture: A Comprehensive Text. Seattle, WA. Eastland Press.
  • Li, H. (2016). The Li Lineage of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, SRP Publishing, Shanghai China.
  • Maciocia, G. (2006). The Channels of Acupuncture: Clinical Use of the Secondary Channels and Eight Extraordinary Vessels, London, UK, Churchill Livingstone
  • Xinnong, C. (2018) Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, 3rd Ed. Beijing, China, Foreign Languages Press
  • Ellis, A. Wiseman, N. Boss, K. (1989) Grasping the Wind: An Exploration into the Meaning of Chinese Acupuncture Point Names. Boulder, CO. Paradigm Publishing
  • Eight Extraordinary Channels by Dr. David Twicken - this is a reference that is often used for teaching centering on discussion of the central channels/vessels (Du, Ren, Chong & Dai). most recommend for students.
  • Heavenly Streams: Meridian Theory in Nei Gong by Damo Mitchell - this book gives an excellent sense of how we work with Qi in the meridians and vessels, and how to use the mind/Yi in Qigong practice.
  • The Way of Qigong by Kenneth S. Cohen - this book is the very best introduction to Qigong. although it's less influential on what will be taught in the course. But it may be most applicable for the students to work with.

Philosophy and Theory

  • Beinfield, H. (1992). Between Heaven and Earth: A guide to Chinese Medicine, New York, N.Y. Ballantine Books
  • Flaws,B. Imperial Secrets of Health and Longevity, 2007, Blue Poppy Press, Denver, CO

Science Based

  • Keown, D. (2014). The Spark in the Machine: How the Science of Acupuncture Explains the Mysteries of Western Medicine, London, UK, Singing Dragon-Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • Stux, G. Hammerschlag, R. (2001). Clinical Acupuncture: Scientific Basis. New York, N.Y. Springer Publishing

Historical/Classics of TCM

  • Maoshing, N. (1995). The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine: A New Translation of the Neijing Suwen with Commentary. Boulder, CO, Shambhala Publishing
  • A Barefoot Doctor’s Manual: The American Translation of the Official Chinese Paramedical Manual 1990, Philadelphia, PA, Running Press


  • Hammer, L. (2005). Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies: Psychology & Chinese Medicine, Seattle, WA. Eastland Press
  • Jarrett, L.S. (1999), Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine, Spirit Path Press
  • Maciocia, G. (2009). The Psyche in Chinese Medicine: Treatment of Emotional and Mental Disharmonies with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, London, UK, Churchill Livingstone

Women’s Health

  • Maciocia, G. (2011). Obstetrics and Gynecology in Chinese Medicine, 2nd Ed. London, UK. Churchill Livingstone
  • Jun, Y. (2001). Handbook of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Chinese Medicine: An integrated Approach, Seattle, WA, Eastland Press.
  • Dr. Betts, PhD. Lac. from New Zealand - website on acupressure and acupuncture for pregnancy and post-partum care:


  • Peilin, S. (2002). The Treatment of Pain with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture, London, UK, Churchill Livingstone
  • Chaitow, D.O. Leon, N.D. (1984). The Acupuncture Treatment of Pain: Safe and Effective Methods for Using Acupuncture in Pain Relief. Randolph, VT, Healing Arts Press


  • Scott, J., Barlow, T. Acupuncture in the treatment of Children. Eastland Press, 4th edition.
  • Flaws, B. A Handbook of TCM Pediatrics. Blue Poppy Press, 2006.
  • Loo, M. Pediatric Acupuncture. Elsevier Science Ltd, 2002

Therapy and Techniques

  • Aspell, R. (2019). The Practice of Tui Na. London, UK, Singing Dragon-Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • Gold, R.  (2019). Seitai (Lymphatic) Shiatsu, Cupping and Gua Sha for a Healthy Immune System. London, UK, Singing Dragon-Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • Lin, D. (2006). Tao Te Ching: Annotated & Explained (SkyLight Illuminations), Nashville, TN SkyLight Paths Publishing

Sources for TCM text

How to find a licensed acupuncturist?

There are several ways to find an experienced licensed acupuncturist in your local area:

  1. Contact the state acupuncture association if one exists.
  2. Contact the state acupuncture board if one exists.
  3. Personal contact or experience as a colleague or patient
  4. Check the board certification status of the acupuncturist with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)