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Nurse practitioners desiring to incorporate acupuncture using the tenants of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into their practice should complete all 315 Credit hours of this program to achieve a Certificate of Training from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Institute. Successful Completion of all 6 modules including the hands-on practicums will provide you with the foundational skills to safely perform acupuncture and practice an Integrative Approach to Care incorporating the tenants of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Although, we also recommend 100 hours of clinical observation to enhance that knowledge as well. Each module is designed as an immersion 3-day weekend with online course work and practice skills lab time between immersion weekends to advance your skills.  Components of this program include assessment, diagnosis and treatment of diseases using the theories and therapies of TCM; reviewing concepts of healing and health; evidence-based practice and how to use the tenants of TCM as part of an integrative approach to health; and medical/TCM treatment that individualizes therapies to promote health and healing.

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Herbal Course


MODULE #1 Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine


MODULE #2 TCM Diagnostic Skills and Technique


MODULE #3 TCM Theory and Techniques


MODULE #4 TCM Theory, Techniques and Philosophy


MODULE #5 Integrative Medicine and Chinese Philosophy


MODULE #6 Integrative Medicine and Course Summary


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